Has anyone gotten iTunes to run in Classic mode in OS X PB?
It keeps telling me that it can't find/create a new folder in the Documents folder... don't you think Apple would have made it possible for people to run iTunes in MacOSX?


it might be a permissions problem. I'm not too shocked or horrified that it doesn't run though, its a classic program, and there are plenty of resources availabe that are carbon...I'm sure they're holding the os x version for the final release
Well, as far as Apple is concerned, there's no such thing as Mac OSX yet, only the Public Beta. If the choice was between announcing iTunes running on 9 only at MW, and holding it back to get it working on X, I don't blame Apple for choosing the former.

It'll be there for final; maybe even v2.0
and just like that.... it suddenly works...

I did a couple things...
First I created a Documents folder where you see the Mac OS 9 folder and the Applications folder (the main Macintosh HD area)... I then created a folder within that directory called iTunes (I had to do this in the terminal... I also typed in 'chmod 777 Documents' and then 'chmod 777 iTunes' after the program started working I set them to 775... 777 is a bit risky...)

I don't know if it worked after that because I went into my iDisk off of Apples site and tried to install from there... which appeared unsuccessful...

but now, it works

iTunes 2.0 will indeed ship with OS X Final on the CD on March 24th. Why 2.0? well Apple only had a month to build iTunes from when it aquired SoundJam. iTunes is indeed lacking like

•no base/treble controls
•no equilzer
•no equilizer presets
•No broadcast for MP3 streaming

and varies other stuff I just can't think of off the top of my head. When OS X ships, you will see iTunes 2.0, and it will be alot more feature complete. It may also cost you $29.95. Just like what they did with iMovie.