i want to convert my whole libary (900 songs) into a smaller birate. The problem is that the converted files get saved in the same directory as my other songs and are automatically added in the itunes libaray. Is there any way i can save the converted files to a different directory and stop itunes automatically adding the songs
unless you dont have diskspace, just copy the entiretyof your library, youll have two copies, but you can organise your itunes by date-added and manually remove the files yourself.
Select your Library, and under the Edit menu, select "View Options". Make sure the "Date added" box is checked. Then just sort the list by that column.
Along the same lines, does anyone know of a way for the ipod to sync with my imac, but at a lower bitrate? In other words, the majority of my music is at higher bit rate on my imac. My ipod is running out of space. The way I use my ipod, it could certainly tolerate lower quality versions of the songs and thereby allow more ipod hard drive space.

I imagine I could create a separate library, and batch convert (7000+) and use this library for syncing, but I'm hoping for something more elegant.

there's no set-up way to do this for standard ipods (there is a convert to 128k songs checkbox on the shuffle).

just trim the amount of songs on there like i do.
Hey! I did not know about the the "convert to 128k" for the shuffle. That is exactly what I want, the option in iPod preferences to sync at a different rate!

So this function is apparently built into iTunes. But only available if a Shuffle is attached? Someone please break this out--I have no where near the brain power.

Yes, trim is what I do. And I don't like it.
Looking for a way to have my cake and eat it too.