Iwork '05 Pages - Table Clipping



I am trying to switch from Word to Pages :)

One thing that is very frustrating is clipping of text in large table cells.

If you try to type into a cell text that spans more than one page, Pages refuses to show the overflowing text on the next page.

The + icon displays at the bottom border of the cell, but, it does not respond to mouse clicks. The wrap property inspector is of no use. The table inspector does nothing, regardless of auto-sizing being enabled or not.

MS Word handles this very well - it just draws the cell/row across as many pages as needed.

For long technical documents, this type of formatting is a must.

Can anyone advise on this?

Yep, don't use tables.

In a bit less snarky way. Tables in word are somewhat abused kind of like they are abused to do layout in HTML. They really are for the display of tabular data and not the basis for layout. It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish but I think that a set of linked text boxes is what you want. Could you give us and example of what you want?
Tables are needed for a lab report, in which there are two columns. The first column is the name of the measurement/observation. This tends to be one or two words. The second column has several paragraphs of data, which can easily span multiple pages.

I agree that linked text boxes are the more typical desktop publishing methodology compared to Word's tables. However, I don't know of a way to easily have two columns of text boxes, where text boxes are aligned on the horizontal axis, and subquent text boxes are created automatically for lengthy data in the vertical axis. While linked text boxes (and clipping in general) makes sense for publishing fixed size brochures, it doesn't make sense for something like a lab report that is not bound to a fixed length.

Here is an example:

Heading Heading
--------- ------------------------------
xxxxx yyyyyyyy

zzzzzz bbbbbbb

99999 ########