J2EE on OS X Server?


Does anyone know of a J2EE implementation for OS X or OS X Server?

I'm running Tomcat, but now I've gotten to the point where I want to use J2EE objects as well.

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You'll be very surprised on the JEE2 implementation. It is all there. Complete. I have written several apps that use the JAVA 2D imaging. I can only say that what Apple has given it's customers is amazing. To get things hunky dory you best make sure your Class Path is correct in compiling the java apps. Also and this is a Java not mac thing.....executing alot of stuff requires root privileges....not just an admin privilege...... This stumped me for a about three days. One other interesting note. Codewarrior 7 appears...and this is just a one time observation right now, that any Java app you write with a GUI....and it is compliled as an Java app.....takes on a native app and uses a bunch of Cocoa stuff automatically.

I wish there were much more post and docs on this....

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You mentioned Tomcat.....the apps i wrote are executed via Tomcat.....what is even cooler is there is a free java connection for mysql and you can generate pages via jsp and mysql on the fly..
Maybe I'm wrong, but everything I've read about J2EE states that it is a hardware specific implementation (I believe only supported on Sun kit and Wintels). OS X client uses J2 SE (standard edition), as does OS X server 10.0.4.
Now, I haven't heard anything about this changing for 10.1, and I imagine it'd be real big news. Anybody care to clarify?
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Maybe I'm wrong, but everything I've read about J2EE states that it is a hardware specific implementation.

Nope. J2EE is usually Java-native code. For example, http://www.caucho.com/ has a J2EE implementation for Unix (Resin) that also installs and works on the Macintosh. 100% Java.

I was incorrect. After doing some research the second on last post is accurate. the implementation of java on Mac OSX is the standard edition. I am amazed still at what is in there. Actually, I am a bit confused as to what is missing? An help..... everything I have touched works......