Jaguar to Tiger Clean Install



I purchased the Tiger Retail Version DVD (which I didn't know was coming as a DVD at the time) and was going to install it on my G4. I didn't have a DVD drive so I went through media exchange and recieved the CD versions.

I want to do a clean install of Tiger, but I am a little paranoid about installing since I read many success and horror stories through the web on installation. I guess it really depends on the individuals computer, but my question is:

Could anybody provide complete instructions on how to do a clean install from Jaguar? Or point me to a site that has good instructions?

I have an external HD that I am backing up my current MacintoshHD on, but am still a little worried on how the outcome will be.

I heard of the archive and install, but I really just want to do a totally clean install to eliminate any issues I may have on my computer now. You know, just start fresh.

Thanks in advance for any info anyone might have! :)
Just boot from the CD and follow the on screen prompts for a clean install. Simple to do.