Jaguar Wen't Blind to One Single Domain


Hi there,

The subject: iMac 500 (indigo) with OSX 10.2.8.

MAIL stopped retrieving from the provider's server i subscribe.
MAIL's POP, SMTP settings are the same as before but all i get is connection error messages.

Neither Safari nor Explorer are able to find that same provider's website (?). Strangely every other website on the internet can be accessed - all but the one within the e-mail provider's domain.

The DSL modem is OK because the iMac shares it thru a Encore Hub with an diehard PowerMac 5500 running MacOS 8.6. The 5500 can access both e-mail and webpage addresses with no trouble at all. But the iMac/10.2.8 seems totally blind to the ( and domain.
Is there a way to correct this?

Help me, Please!
Todor J.O.