Jaguar's Terminal


Rusher of Din
I was at MacWorld yesterday and got to play with Jaguar. Very nice. I was checking out the Terminal, and finally saw what the "split" button is for. The Apple guy didn't seem too positive, but it seems that it will basically make a mirror of what you have in the window, so you can manipulate things, scroll up, etc., while having what you are working on still there. Something like that. I would like to play with it more.

There also seems to be more support for fonts and such, so I am hoping for better term defs and such.


Does it finally work as a natural terminal which
is supposed to undestand at least unicode?

Does it finally support 8bit characters properly?



Puny Member
I hate selecting text in the Terminal.

I wish they would fix that. Oh well, more 3rd party terminals showing up.