Java Error Reference #112


Using a Macmini AND a XP PC and up until last week both worked fine. Now using either Netscape 8.0 or IE on either machine when I go to send mail I get the followingerror. Javascript error Reference #112. I have been unable to dig up any info on this error. I can rec'v mail fine and surf all day long. I'm not even certain that this request will send, but obviously if you're reading this at least this worked

Hardware Overview:

Machine Name: Mac mini
Machine Model: PowerMac10,1
CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (1.2)
Number Of CPUs: 1
CPU Speed: 1.42 GHz
L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
Memory: 512 MB
Bus Speed: 167 MHz
Boot ROM Version: 4.8.9f1
Serial Number: YM5200FGRHS