Java Errors!!! Help.


Hi, hope someone can help me with this Java thing.
I have a G3 imac, which has been upgraded to 9.2.2, also had more memory added (512sdram)
I am using Internet Explorer 5.1, the problem i am having is on web pages, either the pages don't load properly or cant use the links, i keep getting error messages which are all to do with microsoft Jscript and runtime. Error messages as follows...

Script Error
Compilation Error Line 11. (invalid Character)
Object expected
Runtime Error 864.

Look forward to hearing from someone who can help, i am not a computer buff, so in your reply could you explain as simply as possible ( me belonging to the silver hair club)
I had a similar problem, though I was using OS 9.2.2 on an older Mac, with no OS X on it. I downloaded this version of Java, which works with Internet Explorer 5, and the problem went away. It could have just been a corrupted file-I don't know what caused it-but it shouldn't hurt to download it. Go to this page-you can read about it, and download it if you want to try (click on download at the top of the page).
Hi, thanks very much for speedy reply, i downloaded the java version you suggested which downloaded fine, when finished downloading i got a message 'The shrinkwrap engine has reported an error' ?? any clues about that.
I tried a few web sites and still get the same messages about Jscript errors, complation errors. runtime errors etc.
I have just joined the macos support club and i think it's great. Hope i can get it sorted out. Many thanks.
Hi Cheryl, yes i did check that java was enabled, also a tick for restrict access to non java files, anything else i can do as i would appreciate any help with this problem as most of the web sites i visit i get the same error messages. Many thanks, Manxie