java in IE, Netscape, Omniweb, whatever.


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i can't get any of it to work. i'm running 10.1 5g64 and i can't get any applets to run in any of the browsers. i did turn it on in IE and still nothing. i can't find where to turn it on in netscape, though.
any ideas?

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Tried Internet Explorer 5.1, Netscape Navigator 6.1 ... enabled Java on both browsers, and yet, Java applets still don't load (or at least can't be seen) ...
Is it a problem with the browsers or with Mac OS X 10.1 or what?

Somebody please help ...
Hmm... the IE in 10.1 works pretty well with most Java Applets... although it does struggle with some complex one, like if you are playing games on Yahoo or something like that. A temporary solution is always to load IE in Classic Mode... That will offer you full Java support until you can resolve your issues.

Best 'a luck,