Java in OS X final


Hey guys,

So far I've been completely unsuccessful getting Java applets on the web to run in OS X release. I've used both OmniWeb 4.0cf1 and IE 5.1 preview (which comes bundled with the OS). No luck. Any of you guys having any luck with this?

Considering Java 2 support is touted as being "the best available anywhere" by Jobs, I'm pretty disappointed that you can't do SQUAT with java on the internet.

At least IE 5.1 finally recognizes the mouse wheel. Now if they'd just release drivers for the extra buttons on this intellimouse.

Thanks in advance for the info,
Jason Cox
We discussed this to some length over @ arstechnica and came to the conclusion that Apple's java implimentation still leaves alot to be desired. I guess it's still on the X.1 list. here is a link to the thread where we hashed it out.
IE 5.1 *is* Applet capable - check your preferences. It's turned off by default. Dunno why but....

I was able to get the Java version of IM to work thru it.
I've used all manner of heavy duty standalone Java applications
(Limewire, JBuilder, etc.) on OSX. Subjectively, it's one of fastest
JVM implementations I've ever used. The problem is that the current OSX web browsers are sketchy running applets.

I don't _think_ this is Apple's fault.
Well, I've heard that while the JVM is great, Apple's API for integrating it into Mac applications is a little immature, making it difficult to use for applets.

Java applications on MacOS X work great.

How did you get JBuilder running? I ran into tweaky setup problems.
I think you are confusing Java support in the OS with Java support in the browser. I would like to second what has been said in this thread before ... I think the Java support in the OS is one of the most stable 1.3 implementations

As for the browser ... I am not sure if OmniWeb supports applets, and for IE you should check your preferences. IE probably has it's own Java VM independent of the OS VM