Java NetBenas. forte and mac os X



I installed netbeans on my mac os x,

now I am looking for any information about how to use it

who has any experience in net beans and or forte?

what do u think about ?

I use them both extensively. At first it was awkward because I was used to the somewhat sloppier IMHO VisualCafe, but I've come to love Forte/NetBeans and the way it handles projects, etc.

Just make sure you have plenty of RAM! It has the annoying "feature" on Mac OS X, that you can't click-through from one window to another, so if you're in the editor pane and want to click on a toolbar button, you have to, essentially, double-click the toolbar button. Oh well.

I have a couple of problems with forte, maybe somebody may help me:

I can't type { } or [ ], it just doesn't recognize the Option key or something like that. I have to type them on another program and copy-paste.

I can't debug if I'm not connected to Internet. It says something about it can't execute gethostbyname() or something like that.

Any ideas?

I have the same problem with [] and {}

I have tried to make some macros and keybindings, but they seems to be ignored!
ahhhh fixed the {} & [] issue.

in options -> Editing -> Editor Settings -> Java Editor

As an example I use {.

Create a macro called CurlyLeft and fill the expansion with "{" (yes you need the quotes.

Hit ok, and go to keybindings, here you should be able to kind one called macro-CurlyLeft, doubleclick that and choose a keybinding, in our example Option+Shift+8

The reason I couldn't get it to work, was the missing qoutes in my macro - silly me
Thanks, it worked perfectly.

I hope one day Sun releases a more mac-like version of Sun ONE IDE
I just installed NetBeans at home, and on my computer in the lab at school. The JavaDocs worked fine at school, but not at home. I tried tweeking with things, even copying the API's my instructor put on a CD for us, and it still does not work. I even tried the html path.

It's getting rather frustrating.