Java problems with Explorer/OmniWeb


Hey, folks.
I have Internet Explorer and OmniWeb up and running with OS X. I have made sure the preferences of each are set to run Java Applets and anything Java on internet websites. (On my site, I use both sound and graphics which use Java scripts and Java classes.) There is no "Plug-ins" folder within these applications (as there had been with OS 9), but there is a folder in the library for "Internet Plug-ins" and any that I had from OS 9 were transferred to there as well. Now, bearing in mind, I don't know a way to tell if OS X itself is running Java scripts (and it's not like you can install Mac Runtime for Java with it), but I cannot get graphic images that use Java .class files to work in either browser. I do get the sound applets with Internet Explorer, and I get a coffee cup with that circle and X over the java symbol where any graphics would be with OmniWeb. Does anyone have any suggestions, tips or answers? Or is this something that we all just have to wait around a few months to have Apple get around to fixing it?
Thanks for listening.
no java for browsers in the beta. i dont know if that's cause the OS is beta, the browsers are beta, or both
I believe it's because the Java engine for the OS isn't finished yet. If I remember right, IE actually gives you a warning about it if you turn Java on.