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who is using OS X beta out there to do Java coding? And what are you using to do it? I'd like to concentrate on GUI apps. I'm not really interested in using Javac and such at the command line, though I guess I could learn. But right now I'm working on large programs using using 60+ .java files. Codewarrior 6, from what I can tell, does not do Java on the OS X platform. I'm currently using CW 5 running in Classic, but I want to use a native app. (Classic is too slow and unstable).
So I can't use CW yet, Visual Age doesn't run on OS X, and I don't think Borland has their Java app ready for OS X. So I'm stuck, or am I? Help appreciated . . .
You shouldn't need to worry about where you compile your Java app. Once it's compiled it should run seamlessly on any platform...that's Java's main selling point. So you should be able to compile on MacOS, Windows or Unix, and play w/ it on OS X...

pterray: are you getting any error messages? Let me know what you are doing and I may be able to help you out.

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In fact, I don't get any error messages. I just get an empty window, with a gray background and nothing else.

Once, I have seen Install anywhere logo, but that is all.

New : now, I get the following message :
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: forte_ce_1_0_2
if MacOS X has the notion of system variables, or if there is a control panel that specifies the java classpath then you should add the period/full-stop '.' to the path. once done java forte_ce_1_0_2 should do the trick.
I tried that immediatly... with no effect.

To answer the question, MacOS X is a UNIX. Therefore it has environment variable. But anyway, it should be of no use with Java 2 SDK

Did you manage to install forte on MacOS X ?
I don't have access to MacOS X, so I can only use my Unix experience to help out. When ever I get the error that you indicated on any other platform it is usually because the classpath is wrong, generally missing the current directory (.). Another problem may be that the case of the class is wrong. Maybe see if any of Apple's develope group can help out.
I have the same problem with Forte. Empty grey panel, thats it.
Other Java applications running well under MacOSX, even applications with swing.
It must be something special concerning Forte.