Java with IE 5.5?


I can't seem to get Java applets to run in IE 5.5. First, you have to go ot preferences for IE and turn on Java. You get a message that says Java support is still experimental (I guess Microsoft *still* considers it an experiment). Anyway, proceeding, I can't get Java applets to run and load in the browser; there are no messages in the Java messages window from IE 5.5.



I am unable to get IE 5.5 to do any Java either, and crashing is IE 5.5's way of getting past most Java I've run into. OmniWeb 4b5 doesn't seem much better. IE 5.0 on TrueBluEnvronme is a recipe for more mayhem, although it works glacially, then crashes.

Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Chat are my test code. Perhaps I am doing something wrong with OmniWeb?