javac -depend or -xdepend?


I have some old Java code which won't compile under OS X. It is 1.0 Java code (super compatible) but the OS X compilers don't support the nonstandard flag set. Since the directory dependencies are set by the compiler, I don't really have a workaround. there is a lot of code and a lot of common code too, so throwing it all into one director does not help.

Main reason? the code does not run on OS X, but it runs on everything else. just figuring that recompiling it might point the latest Java dependencies. Is there any way to import of a directory structure into Project Builder and let it figure it out?

IMHO - Java seems to have the same problems C++ did, it is not really compatible on all platforms and certainly does not compile everywhere. Oh, well. Maybe Ada will live again. There are too few super good OOP programmers out there whocan use these systems the way the Java boys wanted it to be. Same for othe OOP languages. Without hard ass certification, you can't really make it work. Java@ is great, but those old 3.0 browsers won't ever be running it.
It sounds like you may have more of a problem with your code management and using an old hack to get around it.

Can you give us more information?