jEdit on MacOSX


Hi there,

I downloaded the package of jEdit from their homepage and untar'ed it on the comand line. But unfortunatelly I got a normal folder instead an .app folder.
After that I used the MRJBuilder from the Developer-CD and made an working application bundle, but also this didn't work. jEdit started normal but it only came to the Greetings box and there it stayed forever. However, I could quit the app via the application menu.
What am I doing wrong? Can there be a problem with privileges or is this a bug in the software? How comes others don't have this problems?

Please give me some hints. Also alternative downloads are welcome.

maybe you ought to download it again ...
i downloaded it from apple and it works perfectly... : )
Thanks for the tip. I think I downloaded the prog already 50 times ;-)

Now I know what has happened: I made aliases in the finder to the "Resources" folder, but jEdit (not Jedit, the Japanese one) requires symbolic links. After I accomplished that via the terminal "ln -s source target" it worked.

Now only one problem: How can I remove the menubar in the app window and place it in the normal position, top of screen?