JetClock Font


I'm using the shareware JetClock, which lets you put a good 'ol clock in the menubar where it belongs. Works well, problem is the default font is that goofy "Sand". When I try to change it using "Show Font" (there isn't a Preference for it), it does nothing. I can change the format, the color, but not the font.

The Sand font is dumb-looking. Anyone found out how to change it?
I'd be interested if someone can sort this out, but I was puzzling over it when I discovered wClock, which I think is better. No font choice, but at least it's in the system font rather than Sand. Plus it's got a cool icon and it's much easier to configure. I think it's at
Yup! While snooping around I found wClock as well. It's using the system font which is good, but there are some negatives:

- The font doesn't have the shadowing like the other menu items. But, it does fit quite well.

- wClock isn't as configurable - can't change the location, the color, the exact formatting (I like time first, then date), add seconds, blinking colons, etc.

But, its quite nice. I poofed the original clock and now wClock is my preferred time piece. I'll be glad to pay the fee.

Another nice thing is these things are applications and don't poke around in the OS like the extensions do...
I've tried Jetclock, and wClock and I've had trouble with them all.
Ethier it's I cant change that stupid looking font in Jetclock or when I try to (option)move the position of wClock it jumps down to the bottom of the screen and will not move up to the menu bar!!!!
When I try trashing wClock and re-Installing it, it starts up down at the bottom of the screen and i can't move it!

Is there a simple, easy to use Menubar clock out there that works wright under OSX??!!!!!!!