Jobs is the new Gates


"OS X Tiger provides a variety of features and technologies that enable Macs and PCs running Windows to work seamlessly together. Macs and PCs can easily share files, share the same network and can even share the same peripherals, like printers, scanners and cameras." -- so says the blurb on Apples website. Not my experience or many others judging by the number of questions asked in this forum.
My set up is as follows: 2 XP boxes wirelessly connected via a Belkin router. Both are happy to share the internet connection and files with one another.
Enter my new iBook G4 with Airport card fitted and running Tiger. To be fair it picked up the network straight away and I was up and browsing within minutes. However, getting it to see either of the windows pcs was a different matter altogether. After many hours I can now see the iBook on my PC which has the router fitted to it. But on the iBook, although both pcs show up in the network window under workgroup I can only connect to my sons PC (which has the wireless card fitted to it). When I try to connect to my pc the little coloured wheel spins for ages then tells me the alias couldn't be opened because the original item couldn't be found. If I try typing in the network address, it comes up with a checkbox asking for name and password. I presume these are the ones I use to log onto the xp machine but when I type them in I get another error message.
Any help would be greatly appreciated before I throw this thing out of the window!
Is the firewall enabled on the PCs? If so, disable it and try again. If it's the firewall, make an exception for the Mac that is trying to access them within the firewall software.