Joining a Specific Wireless Network


I am using a Powerbook with 10.4.2 installed. Every time it wakes from sleep it joins my neighbors network instead of mine. I have gone in system prefs and set the airport to join a specific network (mine) and uncheck the remember previous networks box but every time I apply the changes it puts the check back in the remember previous networks box and signs on to my neighbors. Is there any way to get this to work like it is supposed to?
I haven't played too much with Tiger yet, but you can tell the Airport to join a specific network. By default, I believe that it's set to automatically connect to a nearby network.

First, create a Location and call it "Home" or whatever. Then under that Location, tell the Airport card to connect to a specific network. You will then be able to enter the information for your wifi network. Create another one called "Auto-Connect" or whatever you want and set that one up to connect automatically to a nearby network. that way when you are away from home say like at a hotspot, all you would have to do is select the "Auto-Connect" (or whatever you called it) Location and it would search for any nearby networks. When you're home, just select the Home Location and you should be set for your home network only.

Hope this helps.