Joining old networks and new...


I need to get my G4 to access volumes on my powerbook 68K 8.1 Specifically that way, and not reversed AKA not the book accessing the G4. I tried installing Shareway IP but thier site is messed up and i can't seem to download it, and the only version i could manage to get wasn't working. So is there I way I can do it the other way, is there a way I can get my G4 on 10.1 to see my old appletalk network runing on the powerbook? Both computers are connected to the same hub,a dn both get thier internet from my work horse Quadra 700 AKA The Tower Of Power!


Bring the finder to the fron in os X.1

Under the "go" menu select "Connect to server..."

Click on appletalk.

If your 8.1 mac is set up to file share correctly it should show up in the list.

**Things to check on the ole mac

File sharing is enabled and the mac has a name and password.
Your hard drive has sharing enabled under the permissions (get info)
Access is allowed for the username you are using to all of the items on the drive - turn guest on to really test it.