Jpg Problems With Elements 3.0 And Costco Printing Service

I am having a problem of Costco Photo Service not recognizing my .jpg files. It recognizes some of them so I can upload or try to upload them, the ones that it does show as .jpg it goes thru the the progress chart and as soon as it hits 100% it says there was a problem.

I made the original files with Photoshop 3.0 and it seems to read them fine. I also use Preview to open them up and that is fine too. I then sent to my work account, and opened the files using various programs on a PC and they all seem to be read fine as JPGs.

Any help would be appreciated,

Tony Esteban

I have used Costcos Photo Svc many times before this, same machine/software, and there was no problem. This problem just started tonight.