jrubin3546 and contact sheets at webpages


Hi all, after two months of recieving spam trhough my site's contact sheet I've decided to take a closer look to some mails and on some of them I found "bcc: jrubin3546@aol.com" the "To:" part of the mails are directed to two accounts of my domain "contacto" and "default" the last one are redirected to my e-mail account... I've googled "jrubin3546" and found nothing but a billion mails like the one I'm recieving.

Any one knows if it's a known worm, virus, or whatever?

I'f not, try looking for "jrubin3546" at google or yahoo you'll see what I'm talking about.

BTW, my hosting server is running FreeBSD and the contact sheet was made with PHP in case you need that info.

I'm still having this problem but now I know how to fix it I just have to decide which solution to use.

It seems to be more aol usernames involved, till now I'm recieving mails from:
jrubin3546 and mhkoch321

Just for the record in case someone else needs it there's more info about this and some ways to fix it at:

Form abuse in website

Contat Form Abuse