JSP and servlet (EJB too)


has anybody successfully run a servlet engine on os X yet?
I've been trying with the j2ee and I've got some things to run (ie. cloudscape) but j2ee has native methods so I may need to compile the source ( if I can get my hands on gcc)
So if any of you have been successful it would be great to hear how you did it :)

this is not only a servlet and jsp engine but its a webserver and it's pure java
installed the package and ran it by following the docs
its pretty easy, has examples and I made modifications to jsps and classes and saw good results
that's it :)
apache have a servlet engine (and standalone java based webserver if your needs are light) called tomcat (part of the apache jakarta project)...


i have yet to try to compile the mod_jserv required to integrate this into a MacOSX apache server, but it runs fine as a standalone.

setenv JAVA_HOME /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.2/Home

before starting it up as a standalone...

(pretty cryptic place apple have decided to hide the java goodies... hehe)

i installed the tomcat and compiled the mod_jserv.so, but i get some warnings. the result is that when apache starts it gives me an API not properly defined in mod_jserv.so

did you manage to get it all working with apache?
I have only just downloaded the development tools this morning, so i have not tried yet.

it will be one of the first things i try, however.

i'll post again with success or failure ;)

i compile with apxs -c mod_jserv.c jserv*.c but nevertheless i get some warnings, and after adding in httpd.conf the include tomcat-apche.conf apache tries to load mod_jserv.so and i get the follwoing error:
API module structure 'jserv_module' in file mod_jserv.so is garbled - perhaps this is not an Apache module DSO?

if you got further, please tell me.

I have finally got Tomcat working as Module for Apache.

As a first step, I have upgraded my Apache to version 3.1.14, or whar ever the version-number is. I don't think that this is necessary, but it can never do any harm.

I compiled the module with apxs, and first threw out the autochange.c file, as it made problems with it's main-method. It works happily without it. I put the resulting .so-file in /System/Library/Apache/Modules/

you now should add to your apache.conf these lines:

LoadModule jserv_module /System/Library/Apache/Modules/mod_jserv.so

AddModule mod_jserv.c

Include /PATH_TO_TOMCAT/jakarta-tomcat/conf/tomcat-apache.conf

in this order.
I have put the first to lines at the place where the other LoadModule things are, and the line with include at the end of the file. It did not work for me with just adding the include line.
you should rename the tomcat-apache.conf and delete the line with the LoadModule at the beginning.
Remember to also rename the conf-File in the Include for apache.conf

I think it should work this way, if you have any problems with this, feel free to email me.

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For a commercial product, Allaire's JRun 3.0 installed just fine using the JR30G.SH Generic Unix Installer script. There is a connector library for using apache as the web server instead of JRun's webserver but I need to fuss with the make scripts as it doesn't understand the darwin platform by default.

JRun is well worth it and the developers license is free. Check it out. Also, as a database look to apples OpenBaseSQL. It is a fully compliant JDBC & SQL database with execellant gui tools. The dev license is also free for that as well!