Jump straight to favorite Sys Pref in dock


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You can jump straight to the System Preference of interest by putting the /System/Library/Preferences folder in the dock and Ctl-click or right-clicking on that folder.

What's really happening is that launching a *.preference file, such as Network.preference, will open the System Prefs app with that particular module showing.

I love everybody!

What a great idea. This is one of those ideas that you hit yourself on the head with a duh!, and say, "Now, why didn't I think of that?!"

Thanks Rob!
pbrice, thanks for the encouragement.

The idea come from a flaming thread where people were complaining and praising OS X for having prefs in one location. I'm not sure what people liked and didn't like about the whole thing, but I figured there was probably a way to make everyone happy. There was!

This is one of my big beefs!

It seems like people are complaining too quickly. Sure they can say "Hey, I miss this or that. Has anyone figured out some way to replace it?" And in most instances, as you have demonstrated (and you can see my suggestion for replacing spring-loaded folders in another forum), there is a new work around. Maybe it is not always exactly the same, but close enough or better.

So many people are too prone to jump on the 'Steve-is-an-egomaniac-who-only-cares-about-what-he-wants' bandwagon before they even investigate the NEW features that may better serve them than the old.

Making constructive criticism is one thing, bitching and whining are very different. Call me crazy, but I find OS X to be MORE customizable than OS 9>, and EASIER to customize, to boot.
I compleatly agree, pbrice, OS X *is* much better than OS <= 9! I can't believe i've been using them for soooo long after OS X came out. I try not to use clasic anymore either. Booting into 9 is un-fun.

I am spending most of my time in OS 9 because X runs too slow on my iBook DV (128MB). Launching the simple help veiwer can take 30 seconds. Codewarrior has a delay on every key press. Scrolling in IE or Onmiweb is unbearable - not to mention page load times. And etc...

Am I the only one who has these speed issues or am I the only one who lacks patience :> .

I hear you man. Buy it now while it's cheap: RAM. With 384MB or more the system really works well! No more page-swapping nonsense. Virtual Memory sure makes sense, but damn is it slow.

Slur is exactly right, you should add more RAM. No other upgrade gets you so much for so little. I just added 256 MB to my PowerBook, and it makes a world of difference with OS X. Bought it from ramjet.com for $129, best money I could have spent (and for another $160, upgraded from 6MB to 20MB IBM Travelstar disk -- now my Book's really ready to rock and roll...)

With a decent amount of RAM, you can also just let Classic load at startup so it's ready to go whenever you need it. This makes using OS X for day to day stuff a lot easier, since there are still quite a few apps I need that run in Classic.

I'll see if my wife lets me buy more RAM. The 128MB simm in the iBook was a gift in November!

I avoid Classic at all costs :) Simply because the system does come to an absolute crawl when it is loaded.

I can understand memory effecting many of my speed issues but there is literally a visual delay when I type a character in CodeWarrior 6.1! I can type faster than the characters appear on the screen (and I am a four fingered typist)!

So it's April already! Tell the wife you're not getting any younger (and neither is your iBook)... Really, though, 128 MB RAM appears to be too little to run OS X without frustrating performance problems.

While I'd like to avoid Classic too, there are still a number of applications that I need. With enough RAM, the performance issue also is largely eliminated.

Metrowerks is aware of the typing performance issue, this has been raised on the c.s.m.p.c newsgroup. Metrowerks just announced they will be releasing a 6.2 upgrade as well as a public beta of 7 sometime in May (around WWDC), I expect they will address performance issues in that.
How much memory should I get? I know the obvious non-quantified answer :->

Ideally I would like to run OSX smoothly with Classic, VirtualPC (when OSX version becomes available), and X Windows; not necessarely all at once.

I was just corrected, by my wife, the additional simm was 64MBs added to the on-board 64MB.

I'd suggest replacing one of the 64 MB modules with 256 MB. Then in six months, you can replace the other one. :)

Don't bother with a 128, it really won't get you where you want to go (which, from your list, seems to involve nearly every RAM guzzling piece of software known to man...)

Check out ramseeker.com for comparison shopping, but make sure you are aware of the firmware compatibility issues. I bought my memory from Ramjet because they specifically list the firmware compatibility of their modules.

Snard is a small "dockling" app that gives you a list of all your preferences when clicking on the icon in the dock.
It also show your app's and document's. That is the one's you added to Snard. You can also launch a app as root.

Check it out, it's pretty neat! (versiontracker.com)