Just a question...


KU Mac Geek
Can anyone point me in the direction of a few good Carracho or Hotline Servers that have OS X 4k73 or later 9pref. 4k78) Most seem to be run up with users, and hotline is a pain to search and use.

Try "International Cow's Mac Barn", or somthing like that, the trick to getting onthe servers is going on extremly early in the morning, like 6 EST, you can get on about any of them then. THough that may be a prob for you people on PST. Try and get on when others are sleeping. And just to motovate you, 4k78 is worth any wait you may encounter. Its the coolest OS anyone has ever used, Double-Stamp, No Takebacks.
I now have problems with install. The CD takes forever to boot/stops booting at all. I'll post more later.