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command clicking the show toolbar window titlebar thingie in a cocoa app will cycle through the display options (text only, icon only, etc)

Doesn't seem to work for Carbon apps though (Finder)
You learn something new every day. We need to create a page with a list of every key-combo.
Maybe this one's obvious to everyone, but Command-clicking the icons in a program like Mail or Finder allows you to customize the toolbar without having to open the Prefs windows.
Oops! Yes, you're right. I did mean to type command-drag.

File another one under "I just found out, but you may have already known":

Although control-clicking an icon in the Dock pops up the context-sensitive menu for that item (which often contains the command "Show In Finder"), Command-Clicking the same item automatically diaplays that item in the Finder.
When I tried control-dragging items in the IE toolbar, IE unexpectedly quit.

What a quitter that program is. :)
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Go to www.TrickX.com
Me and my friend are working on the site, and I will try to get as many key combos as I can up there.

Great. It will be nice to have a cleanly laid out list of key-combos to refer newbies to. Keep up the great work.