Why no news about unlimited number of fonts on the system folder?

I would like to hear from someone that macOS X will have support for unlimited fonts without a font manager to buy - just like PC's.

Support for fonts is pretty broken in the PB, but supposedly you'll be able to have fonts in 3 locations:

/System/Library/Fonts/ which is for the standard Apple fonts ONLY

/Library/Fonts/ for fonts available for all users on the computer

~/Library/Fonts/ for fonts only available to a specific user.

Fonts will be unlimited and loaded dynamically (no more 'Fonts will not be available until applications have quit' message) There will also be font groupings so you can enable/disable different sets.
That's nice considering that our current MacOS only allows so many fonts to be in the fonts folder, but I wonder what the toll will be on the OS and the apps.

I have heard that the more fonts you have the more time it takes an app to launch because it has to account for all of them etc etc etc... is there going to be some sort of change in the way apps look & utilize fonts so that if..lets say...I have 1000 fonts in my user/Lib/Fonts directory the app wont take a century to load?

There would be no performance loss to OSX if you've got thousands of fonts.

There will be a loss of performance for those apps which let you see all the fonts before you apply them. Which is where your performance loss comes in.

So, Yes, you will be able to have thousands of fonts, but I recommend removing those fonts that you wont ever use.

Hard Choice, but the delay would be there for any platform.