just got an imac and have a few questions


I got a free G3, 500mhz, 256mb of ram imac. the os is Mac OS X 10.3 panther they were throwing them out so i took one. i just want to use it for word, internet and printing. i have a few questions though

1) I have a Dell downstairs that uses a Lexmark x75 printer on windows XP. I have all my computers (including the imac) connected to a network. How can I set up my imac so it can share the printer over the network? i found some instructions on google but they didn't work.

2) How do I set up file sharing between my iMac and the other windows xp comp on the network.

3) i got sick of apple's mouse (because no right click or scroll wheel). i tried plugging in an extra microsoft mouse i had and the left click and scroll wheel worked. how can i get the right click to work?

1) First, get the printer to work locally. Does that work with that specific printer? If it does, you can go to the "Sharing" preference panel in System Preferences and look at Printer Sharing. Should be straightforward. Choose something like "MYIMAC" as the computer name, i.e. no spaces, no fancy characters etc. Similar for workgroup.

2) Almost the same as the answer to the first question. "Windows Sharing" is the service to activate here.

3) It should work out of the box if it's a USB Microsoft mouse. You can also get Microsoft's Macintosh mouse driver. -> http://www.microsoft.com/mac has MS' downloads for Mac. Question: What's the exact name of the specific mouse? If you can't get that mouse to work, you can find cheap 2-button + scrollwheel mice in any PC store. They usually really work out of the box with the Mac.
This is the process via Tiger. Although, it should be relative to Panther. I Hope this helps.

Answere to #1. Setting up to print to a printer shared by a Windows computer via SMB/CIFS:

You can print to a printer that is connected to a Windows computer and has been set up to be shared. You need to ask the printer's owner for the printer's workgroup and for any necessary user name and password.

Open the document to print, and choose File > Print.
Choose Add Printer from the Printer pop-up menu, and then click More Printers.
Choose Windows Printing from the top pop-up menu, choose a network workgroup from the pop-up menu that appears directly below it, select a workgroup from the list, and click Choose.
Any Windows printers in the network you've chosen appear in the Printer List.

Select the printer, choose it's model from the Printer Model pop-up menu, and then click Choose. Enter the user name and password for the printer when prompted.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to choose the correct printer model for the printer you're using. For more information, see the documentation that came with the printer. If you have an HP PCL compatible printer that is not listed in the Printer Model pop-up menu, choose the printer model that most closely matches your printer. See the link below for a list of compatible printer models you can choose if your printer isn't listed

If your computer cannot determine the options that are installed on your printer, a dialog appears that lets you choose those options. Make sure the settings in that dialog accurately reflect your printer's installed options so you can take full advantage of them. Then click Continue.

If you are trying to add a Windows printer that is not available, you may need to contact your network administrator for assistance.

Sharing your printer with Windows users:
You can let Windows computers on your local network use any printer connected to your computer.

If the Windows users install Bonjour for Windows, you can share your printer with them using Bonjour. To share a printer, open the Print & Fax preferences, then click sharing. Select the option to share printers and select the printers you want to share. Use the Bonjour Printer Wizard on the Windows computer to set up to print to your printer.

Otherwise you can share your printer with Windows users by using SMB/CIFS, as described below.

To share your printer with Windows users by using SMB/CIFS:
In Print & Fax preferences, click Sharing.
Select the "Share these printers with other computers" checkbox, and then select the printers you wish to share.
Click Show All, click Sharing, and then click Services.
Select the Windows Sharing checkbox.
To print to your printer using SMB/CIFS, Windows users must configure an SMB/CIFS network printer and use the Postscript printer driver, even if the printer isn't a Postscript printer. Your Mac will translate the Postscript code into code the printer can understand. Have the Windows users see their Windows documentation for information on adding a network printer.

WIndows users printing via SMB/CIFS do not see any location information you may have entered for your printer.

Documents waiting to print on printers you're sharing are stored on your hard disk. (That is, your computer hosts the queue for the printer.)


Sharing files on your network
You can share the contents of your Public folder with other computers on your network and the Internet.

Open System Preferences, click Sharing, and turn on Personal File Sharing.

While file sharing is on, someone using another Macintosh on your local network or on the Internet can open your Public folder and read or copy files (using the Connect To Server command in the Finder's Go menu). AppleTalk must be turned on both on your computer and the other person's computer, or the other person needs to know your computer's IP address.

To turn AppleTalk on, choose Built-in Ethernet from the Show pop-up menu in Network preferences, and click AppleTalk. To find the IP address, click TCP/IP.

Connecting to Windows computers and servers from your Mac
You can connect to Windows computers and servers on your network from your Mac.

To locate and connect to Windows computers on your network, you can use the Network browser in the Finder.

If you cannot locate the Windows computer in the Network browser, you may be able to connect to it using the Connect To Server dialog in the Finder.

To locate the Windows computer, you need to know the workgroup name for the computer and the network name (called the "computer name") for the computer. To connect to the computer, you also need a user name and password and the name of the shared folder you want to access. If you don't have this information, contact the person who owns the computer or your network administrator.

In the Finder, choose Go > "Connect to Server."
Type the network address for the computer in the Server Address text box using one of these formats:
smb://DNSname/sharename smb://IPaddress/sharename

Follow the onscreen instructions to type the workgroup name and a user name and password, and choose the shared folder you want to access.
If you connect to the shared folder using Connect to Server, its icon may appear in the Finder window sidebar or on your desktop.

ANSWER #3 - I personally use the new mouse from apple. Mighty Mouse. The extra features require Tiger. However it works like a typical 2 button scroll mouse just fine in Panther. You can check it out at Apples web site. http://www.apple.com/mightymouse/
thanks for the info, ill try that out tommorrow. im having one problem though. sometimes my user name and password doesnt work. it will work when I'm adding a printer locally, but it will say it is invalid when i try to install something. whats up with that? also, i tried to select my printer from the imac, but it asks for a user name and password, i type it in but it says its invalid. is there a user name and password on the windows xp machine im suppose to be using?