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I'm an average user. I use word, explorer, entourage, photoshop, fire, powerpoint, excel and other mainstream software. I spend a lot of time with my computer as I travel a lot and use it as the center of my communication and personal entertainment life: email, internet, music, dvd, digital photography etc. My powerbook is a fantastic digital hub.

I've used macs since 1992 and have been satisfied, even if I've learned the hard way through trouble, system freezes, conflicts etc. I was at a stage with macos 9 where I could handle all problems that arose with ease. I was scared of moving to OS X because I don't understand the UNIX underpinnings and feared I'd encounter trouble and not be able to resolve it. I hate tech support calls.

I used the first release of os x and went back to 9 pretty quickly as i felt it was more hassle and pleasure. Too slow, too unsuported and simply too unpolished for everyday use in my opinion. For the average user that is.

Now I'm using 10.1 and it's so smooth that I barely notice my computer anymore. I mean I used to mess around trying to speed up the system, avoid conflicts, get the buggy location manager to work properly all the time, deal with corruptions etc. I used to also think that my system was unusually stable and smooth compared with friends'. Since moving to 10.1, I've just been loving it. Not just the overall feeling and GUI, but also the multitasking and efficiency of the system. The other night I brought my powerbook to a friend and four of us watched a DVD. It was a flawless DVD experience. Plugging in my digital camera is a breeze. no drivers needed.

I have friends using windows 98 on our university network. They constantly have problems with their cards not recognizing the network while i just plug my powerbook in and it works. Always. The first time I connected, it took me two minutes to set up. My friends struggled with windows for an hour.

There are so many little, daily things that make this a fantastic system. We're lucky and should be happy that we've stayed with apple. They've done a great job with this one and it'll only get better.

I just wanted to share my enthusiasm over macos x. It's truly great. there are things that can be improved of course, but even as it is today, this is such a fun, slick and powerful OS. It's a great time to be a mac user. And it's a fantastic feeling to really have fun using a computer!




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I remember being angry with Apple about killing the Copland project. There I was anticipating a true PowerPC operating system - and was told I'd have to wait some more years. Maybe one or two. Turned out to be more than five.

But I also must say that now finally there is an almost hassle free operating system that truly lets you work the way you want to. Not so much so if you're afraid of it and go 'OS 9 was different' all the time, but if you truly try and behave like a human instead of a deformed computer-user, you'll see that Mac OS X not only *has* advantages, but that it really is what Apple described on the Public Beta package. Let me quote that:

"You are holding the future of the Macintosh in your hands.

Mac OS X is a new, super-modern operating system that will usher in a new era for the Macintosh. New from the ground up, Mac OS X is specifically designed for the Internet and includes advanced technologies for incredible improvements in stability and performance. It also features a stunning new interface called Aqua.

This Public Beta will give you a chance to start using Mac OS X and give us a chance to hear what you think. ...

Thanks for your help and for being a part of Apple history. We couldn't do it without you."

Thanks, Apple. You've taken your time. You not only made great hardware since you skipped Copland, you've also ported OpenStep to the PowerPC platform and made it be the future of the Macintosh, thus the future for my work with computers.


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I second that. There are still some pieces of the puzzle missing (Carbonized Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, USB Printer Sharing, Folder Labels, Spring Loaded Folders), but OS X truly delivers. I'm using the big 3 (Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash) right now in Classic, and it works. It's not an elegant solution, but it is a solution until Adobe/Macromedia get off their asses. I'm also using an Office beta until I can get my upgrade on the 19th. It's a thing of beauty.

I too have been waiting since the days of Copeland. I remember Macworld 1996 when Ellen Hancock announced that Copland was dead and they were going to look at other alternatives. I almost bolted the Mac platform at that time. I became very concerned when they were looking at Be. Not that Be wasn't good, but it wasn't great - and Apple needed something great upon which to build. In January, when the acquisition of NeXT was announced, I was ecstatic. NeXTStep was the perfect basis for Apple's next generation OS. There have been countless delays that have tried my patience (can you say, Rhapsody?), but Apple finally did deliver on their promise, and then some. They still have a tough road ahead in implementing features and getting bugs fixed, but OS X (10.1) is the OS I had hoped it would be way back in 1996-97.
I love using Mac OS X! It feels right, I get the same feeling using it after using Mac OS 9 that I got the first time I used a Mac (long story, in another thread). It has truly made me love using the Mac again. I wish every person who uses a computer and has not used Mac OS X could get the opportunity to try out X.1, it is so great! It works so well, it never crashes or freezes on me, it has actually somehow improved the performance of all my hardware (yes, even external devices like the Firewire HD and the SoundSticks) and it has inspired me to get off my ass and actually learn to program for the Mac (I plan to start in Cocoa, I like all the advantages it seems to have over carbon). Of course, I still can't wait for Applescript Studio! Why is it that after winning best of show @ seybold, we haven't heard any developments? Do you think Apple will make a big deal out of this one? I hope so...