Just say no to XP.


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Microsoft has thumbed its nose not just at the US legal system, but at the whole world. Windows now powers 92 per cent of all the PCs on the planet. We are moving into a world without precedent, a world whose information infrastructure will be entirely dominated by a pathologically aggressive, uncontrollable, convicted monopolist.

Is this really what we want? The time has come to kick the Microsoft habit. Just say no to XP.

Well spoken, but sayin we're at MacOSX.com in the Mac-section, most of us have allready said no to XP, I guess...
i completely agree with freemuzzled. I wish people would simply see what they are getting themselves into, and what they are doing is preparing the microsoft monopoly for total control over the world. The only way to fight this, IMO, is to stick with Apple, and stay on their side. By the way, last time i checked, 5% of all the computers on the planet are macintoshes, has this, in anyway since then, changed?