Just the fax, please!


Running 10.1 is a whole new (and better) experience.


But I cannot use it until I have some type of fax solution for the business and home. :mad:

I can't believe that all the work has gone into everything but the one item (fax) I cannot do without. FaxSTF (Smith Micro) said in June that they would be X'd in the "3rd quarter".

It is now 4th quarter, and not even a sign of a beta yet.

Anyone have any way around this, from within OS X?
didn't read the readme

doesn't compile in os x.

there is another program called efax which compiles nicely, just can't open the /dev/modem thingy

so... if anyone has any bright ideas.. :)

Write apple on their feedback page and ask for the return of AppleFax. Back in System 7.5.x, they released it as a chooser extension. it worked wonderfully, even through OS 9.x. Maybe they can rewrite the concept and make it X compatible.

Why not? Anything Apple can do to make my life easier is worth it (i.e. AppleWorks, iTunes, iMovie, iDisk, OS X, Mail, Sherlock, etc...)

There are two apparently modem-related devices in /dev: /dev/cu.modem and /dev/tty.modem. Perhaps one of these might work with efax? Note, however, don't try a 'cat /dev/cu.modem' in a Terminal, as the system will freak out for about a minute (iTunes stopped, nothing responded, etc), but eventually it came back...that time...