Just X


Hey Guys,
first of all I want to say thanks to macosx.com, this is a beautiful web page and I had a lots of help thatks to thes.
I know that is probably stupid but I just want to tell you guys that I have been able to run my chiropractic business just out of X. Infact I am using just X installed on my copmputer without the help of 9.... I am very excited about the future with X and I really believe that with this new operative system apple will be able to kill slowly microsoft and the all PC (PIECE of CRAP) world.

You are all greate mac users, keep up with the good work

Powerbook G3 400 Firewire
320 meg Ram, 6 gig + 60 gig esternal firewire
LaCie 4X4X8X USB
X and only X
My back's killing me. As your location is blank, I cannot request your assistance in this matter...

I, too, cannot remember the last time I booted into 9.

Long live X.
I am in OS 9 now lol :p
Once apple gives me DVD playback (and pleaaaaase! Make ti regionless! ) and greek support ... then I will be one happy OS X camper (and full time user).

I am planing on buying 521Mb more RAM for my lil mac ;) ...
That should make my system a tad bit better :)