Jvc Mini Dv Won't Upload to G5



Dear Smarter-Than-I-Am Friend:

I have a JVC MiniDV camcorder model GR-DVL520U that my Mac won't take uploads from. I had another JVC model which posed no problems at all. Worked like a charm. And I have a Panasonic and a Canon, both of which upload beautifully. All of these use Firewire.

I've tried to find a Mac driver for this particular model with no luck.

I've searched JVC sites and Mac sites.

Any suggestions?


P.S. I sent you this same request on the tail end of my reply to your reply to a question about my LaCie external hard drive. So if you start experiencing deja vu, don't call National Enquirer.
Your camcorder is not minDV, it is very expensive Compact VHS. A read of its specifications leads me to believe that it is intended for Windows users with more money than brains. It comes with iLink, USB, and S-video. You may try to capture videos by streaming them into your computer.