K750 connect GPRS from G4 powerbook


Anybody some expeariance? I can sync quite OK through bluetooth, however if I want to use the phone as a modem to connect to the internet with GPRS, it cannot make a connection. "no carrier signal" - I am using the ericsson ir modem script. Thanks for suggestions / help -
Hi ymoeller and welcome to the forum.
The fact that you can sync your K750i with your mac lets me guess that you are using macosx 10.4.x. Is that right? However, are you using the built-in bluetooth adapter or a usb-dongle? Did you use the Bluetooth Setup Assistant and add Internet access over your handy?
Thanks Zammy-Sam - I am using 10.4.x, I tried to use the build in bluetooth adapter, I use the bluetooth setup assistant - follow all the instructions. I tried only to add the phone as "internet..." and do not klick on the other sync options. I also tried to klick on everything.
I have a similar problem with my P900 - there I get an internet connection, however no data is received.

I had this problem already with my PC (I recently switched to Apple, and I do not regret is one bit - long life MAC). I got a connection with the IR port, worked fine, but not with the bluetooth option.

As I bought the mobile phone in China (the K750c Version) I suspect that maybe the problem it with Sony Ericsson.