Do you like Karaoke?

  • Veeeery much!!! Good to know QT will play .kar files.

  • Not too much. Cannot sing or find Karaoke stupid.

  • Just shut up and never ask me again!!!

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Not only an OSX-Feature - more QT!!

But still... to any of you who didn‘t know, you can simply open any ".kar" file found in the net to sing Karaoke to MIDI-Music. It's working great - especially with a big screen or one of the new iBooks that can be connected to your TV-Set. Sure it will be a gag on my next party - interested to see which of my friends could be an unknown talent!!! :eek:

Only problem: Text shows on the screen, when you should be singing it. This is confusing when your not familiar with the lyrics of a song. It should show up one or two seconds earlier. Is there a hack available in the net?

I am tottaly untalented, that is why I spin the tunes and dont sing, but do .kar files have the lyrics as well as the MIDI music ? lol ... (I will sing in my soundproof room so no one can hear me :p )

They do... and that is the great thing about .kar files.

They not only include the lyrics - it even changes colour when it comes to singing!


downloaded some files and started using it :p

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There are a whole bunch of sites out there.
The best way I guess is to go onto yahoo, and search for "song name" (space) .kar, or if you are trying to find a whole bunch of em from an artist "artist name" (space) .kar