Kb Gear Tablet Under Panther 10.3.9 Works, But...


Ok, Pablo tablet works, but the pen button position is backwards.
Using the Pablo 6x9 tablet on 2xG5 with Logitech 4 button Marble. Tablet only under Moho (lostmarble.com). Tablet works ok. Even get 'Presure Sensitivity" through Moho, but the button status on the pen it backwards. Just can't get the knack of holding the button down when I am NOT using the pen and leaving it open when I want to use the pen. Guess I would also like to see it leave the point in place when pen it lifted from tablet surface, but that is very minor. Anyway to adjust the recognition of the pen button status to be the reverse of the present norm?
PowerMac Dual G5 1.8MHz; Mac OS X (10.3.9); 17in Studio ADP and 19in CRT VGA, 1gb RAM, SATA 160gb PriMas, 300gb PriSlv, Logitech 4bttn Marbe.