Keeping an AppleScript that launches a Java app from waiting for it to complete?


In an end-run around a problem described in another thread, . . .

I have an AppleScript droplet that launches a Java application (which expects a fully-qualified pathname as its parameter) with a "do shell script":

on open foo
    repeat with bar in foo
        <code that massages pathnames from a:b:c:d to a/b/c/d format>
        do shell script "java -jar myjar \"Volumes/" & bar & "\""

The problem with it is that it waits for the java application to complete. That is not desired behavior, because the application is a terminal emulation program (specifically, a TN5250e client), and while the application can certainly spawn off additional sessions on the same host, just by clicking a toolbar button, the idea is to be able to have sessions on several hosts, perhaps a dozen or more, all active concurrently.

Anybody know of a way to get the java application to launch as a separate task, and immediately return control to the script?