Keeping the FORUM alive!

Is she has a nice personality to go with that beautiful body I want her lol :D
(making NO attempt to be politically correct here)
Ich spreche Deutch
Parlo italiano
Je parle Francais
Milao ellinika
Fluent in english

Soon Jap, and russian ... what does she speak >?? lol ;)

Mrmille, AdmiralAK... she is very nice, I only wish she were mine. Alas the closest I have ever gotten to that luscious 5', 105 lb. body was when she was secretly dating one of my clients, but of course you know that that is Jennifer 'Love' Hewitt on my screen, right?
I dont really follow hollywood THAT close, so no.. I did not know :)
Hmmm seems like a good time to become a fan :D
(Best thing of all.. no foreign language required lol )