Kensington Mice


Well Kensington has released a beta of their mouseworks software for X. I am currently using an M$ im explorer. I doubt that M$ is ever going to support X with the mouse drivers.

Should I switch to a Kensington mouse?

Hope this software is helpful for those of you using Kensington mice.
I'm not even using the Kensington drivers in OS X. OS X natively handles multiple button mice. It's pretty sweet, the scroll works, and the three buttons.
Well I switched. The best thing is that I can now do right-clicks in Classic apps. Its nice to be able to set the other 2 buttons on my mouse to do something other than sit there :). Yes the right button works by default and the scroll wheel works in Cocoa apps. With this I can get some functionality in Classic and use the extra buttons. Now I am finally completely rid of M$ software and hardware on my computer.