Kernal Panic During Installation of Os 10.4



Lately I've had some troubles with OS 10.3 running on a G4 Quicksilver Dual 867 MHz with 1 GB of RAM. The system will crash at time - displaying a lovely gray box in several languages, saying that I should power off the system because of an error. This often happens when I try to logoff or sleep or sometime it just won't wake from sleep. All I can do at these times is hold down the power button until the box powers down. It usually starts okafter this.

So I bought OS 10.4. Before installing, I thought I would clean try rebuilding the directories using the new Disk Warrior product. This seemed to go OK. However, when installing the OS, the install cycle never completes - I get the not so lovely now, gray box and a poweroff error message. I've tried this several times, the last attempt left the OS corrupted (a kernal panic on boot) and I had to re-install the 10.3.2 OS from disk.

Any help is most appreciated.

This definitely seems to be a hardware, not a Tiger issue. You're getting the kernel panics often? Hardware's the problem (unless you're installing a lot of haxies...). Try to use the RAM DIMMs individually to find out if one's the culprit. Also try with all USB hubs or similar things _off_ the computer...