Kernal Panics ?

Have you had a kernal Panic ?

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Simply Daemonic
I have read all about kernal panics here ....
I've only had one but only under NeXTSTEP 3.1 in VPC, never in OS X ... so I am just taking a pole to see how many have had one :)
Though it looks like most of us are blessed by not having any Kernel Panics, I think the main problem with them is more the term than anything else. It is quite a foreign term to see flashed you before you verses the system just crashing or locking up. From the people I've talked to, I get the same reaction from them with Kernel Panics as I have from people who have had the screeching tires and crash sound (which would usually prompt a visit by me to fix their systems). Both seem to cause "User Panic". :D
I get Kernel Panics when I disconnect my stuff when the iBook is asleep. Then again, I would panic, too, if someone took my arm or leg off in my sleep:).
I had one once. I think I plugged or unplugged my USB printer while it was starting up or something. It was kinda neat & matrix-y with the scrolling text and all. Maybe Apple should put that in ads: OSX - even the kernel panics look kewl ;)
Matrixy ???
Hmmmm I wonder if there is a cool chick named trinity around to date and show me her moves ;) (Master the matrix ... although I wont know kung fu! It will be Tae Kwon Do :p)

I've had a kernal panic while trying to instal NeXTSTEP 3.1 on VPC ... I did not really panic ... I tried to used 'd' for debugger but then it told me it could not find the remote server lol :p


PS: carrie-anne moss is DA BOMB!!!!:cool:
I had a about 2 dozen kernel panics before 10.0.1 came out. Conflict with dual processor G4s and the modem. After they fixed the kernel panic problem, it was -264 disconnects every 10 minutes. I moved to a new location that had Road Runner available :)
Maybe the poll should read:

How many kernel panics have you had?

  • None
  • One or two
  • Three to six
  • Too many to count