Kernel Event Agent


Re iBook G$ 12 in on OS 10.3.9 (just upgraded to the latest security release this week).

I left my ibook as usual with lid up to put itself to sleep.

For the first time this evening I noticed that the screen was showing a silver glow and thus the ibook had not properly closed down. Also it would not awake when I clicked the mouse - my usual method of waking the ibook (I prefer to use a mouse to the touchpad). It was also reluctant to shut down by pressing the power switch at the top right between the keyboard and screen. I had to hold this down for much longer than normal to get a shut down.

On re-booting, the start up took a long time with the whirling ball remaining for a long time. When the Welcome box eventually appeared I noticed that the first message shown was that is was starting "Kernel event agent" and this now appears each time I re-start. I do not remember seeing this message before.

Please can you diagnose the above. And also tell me what this agent is and whether this message should appear each time.

I have been using macs for several years but am not techy.