kernel panic freezes my ice book.


I need some help.

I have a combo drive ibook with OSX v. 10.1 and OS 9.2.1 on the same partition. Was in 9.2 and switched to the os X startup disk. Got a kernal panic.

Held down the power button to turn it off. Start back up. Kernal panic.Have done this several times.

Held down the option key at start up. It will only let me try to start up with OS X. Did this several times.

Did I cause this problem possibly by renaming my "Applications" folder "Applications (OS X)" just prior to starting up in OS X?

I get the message at the first of the panic that says "unable to find driver for this platform: "PowerBook 4,1".

What is my next move?

I also ran the disk utility from my OS X CD. Checked out OK.
Reinstalled osx 10.03 and then 10.1. Now I can get back to work. However...

I now have two osx system folders and two application folders. When I go to the startup disk, I now have two osx disks. One has an x on the folder and the other does not.

If I try to delete the apps and systems folders it says I do not have privilages.

Any ideas?
Okay, we could stuff around trying to clean this all up, but since you've got a burner in there anyway, I suggest you burn a backup of your files and reinstall 10.1 using the option to wipe the disk in the process.
If you did want to delete that other directory you would need to log in as root through the terminal, and I get the impression you're not quite ready for that...
Install 9.2 first though, if you have classic apps you can't do without.
Thanks symphonix. You are right....I want no part of root at the present.

I ended up using the restore disks and installing everything again. Seems to be working fine now.

I do have one issue left. When I dial up to the internet in 9.2.1 I get two remote access windows. It connects me however.