KERNEL PANIC in 10.0.4 (Build 4Q12)


G'Day Guys,

This morning I received a Kernel Panic from a USB device.

The device in question is the Sony DSC-F505 digital camera.

Under Mac OS X 10.0.3 the OS didn't even react when this camera was connected or disconnected. The device wasn't recognized by the OS but well by the Hardware.

Under Mac OS X 10.0.4 (Build 4Q12) the KERNEL PANIC occurred when I did the following:
1. Connected USB camera to the Keyboard USB port
2. Turned camera on (No reaction from OS, Hardware recognizes it - see profile)
3. Turned camera off
The above steps always result in a KERNEL PANIC.
What is strange, is that the KERNEL PANIC complains about SCSI kernel modules when a PowerBook G4 500/256 doesn't even have a SCSI bus.

In the attachments you'll find a High Resolution photo of the Computer Display detailing the text displayed.

Just as you think things are getting better, this happens.



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Well, just to let you know.

The message that I posted here was an extract from the original that I'd first sent to Apple.

It was only ment to inform, or warn, so that other members can find out why it's happening to them.

I don't know why, or how, all I have is evidence that you're not alone with this scsi and usb wierdness. I have an external scsi cd burner - yamaha 8424 - and if that device is powered on while I am running X, I can't get vew usb devices to be recognized. If I turn it off, everything works. On, no new devices.

OS X works in mysterious ways.
Well guys,

After E-mailing back and forth with Tech Support from Apple Europe and carrying out several tests and sending them the results I've been informed that my Case ID is now being handled by the OS X Development team in the US.

Testing on a G4 533/512 gave similare results as the PB, but with a difference. The G4 displayed USB modules after the SCSI ones in the backtrace.

I hope that they solve the SCSI/USB conflicts quickly.