Kernel Panic, Mount Problem Etc.


I just installed the following update for 10.3.9 Server using Software Update:

After which I had several kernel panics, booted off the system check disk to run Disk Utility, and then now everything is working OK except I can't mount any .dmg fiels due to "codec overrun"...any ideas?

Have you run a file system consistency check?

Boot with Apple + S
At the prompt, type fsck -yf and hit return

When you booted off the system disk, you ran to repair the permissions, correct?
There's also info on this on some cocoa sites. You can use the hdiutil to convert the image into a read only image:

hdiutil convert <DMG you can't mount name here> -format UDRO -o <New DMG name here>

UDRO is a read only file. I'd probably throw a -verbose in there to get all the output as well.