Kernel Panic : Survey

If you had a Kernel Panic where you connected to the Internet via modem?

  • Yes, I was connected to the internet via modem

  • No, I was connected via ethernet or not connected at all.

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If you have had a kernel panic and you were using a G4 and you were connected to the internet:

Were you connected via modem?


Where you on a LAN / Cable Modem?

I think there is a strong correlation between G4s using the modem and kernel panics. I have had 13 panics since the 24th and I'm using a modem. 4 of my friends have not had a panic yet and they are using road runner.
I've had two kernel panics using since installing OS X on 4 different systems. Both of them happened while using IE 5.1 Preview. haven't been able to determine the correlation between activities yet, though. Unfortunately, I have been unable to purposefully trigger a panic by repeating what i was doing.
I've had one Panic while using IE 5.1 Preview via a modem, too.

However, the poll isn't going to tell you what you want.  The interesting statistic is the frequency of crashes via modem compared to the frequency of crashes via LAN/Cable.  I suspect the poll's going to be skewed towards modems simply because more readers have them.

And we don't need a poll to tell us that IE is buggy!!!
Originally posted by gidds

And we don't need a poll to tell us that IE is buggy!!!
Just because IE may be buggy, it does not bring down the whole system.

Fahrvergnügen, I think your kernelcrashes are more a RAM-thing. Mac OS X is really sniffy about the RAM installed. I had problems there too.

If you are lucky, it might just help to switch memory slots.

I have no idea what the hell you are trying to say.

Here's the simple fact of it, the error that came up when IE dropped a kernel panic on me had nothing to do with RAM. It actually said it was some kind of illegal string from the application (realizing now i should have written the damn thing down). Besides whih do you see how much RAM I have on my primary machine? And, it's the good stuff, not the el cheapo knock off RAM.
It's definatly not the RAM. I already tested for that. Took out my extra 3 256MB chips and just left the 256 in that the G4 came with. No difference. Disconnecting....panic.

I am so convinced that the problem is a driver problem with the modem.

BTW, Kernel Panics are VERY RARELY caused by software. IE may be buggy, but the likely hood that it is causing the Kernal Panic is very low. Most Panics are caused by a problem with driver/hardware. Another reason why I think its the modem driver. [I know 4 people who all have G4s, are using road runner and are using IE 5.1...none of them have had a single panic].
Tell that to my IE... I'm not using a modem, just straight TCP/IP through my LAN to the net. So I don't think that would do it, especially when everything else I use over the same connection has had no problems. Yet, twice while using IE I have gotten kernel panics, the only times I have gotten a kp, BTW. That is the only thing in common between the two instances.

I'll be happy to give you the rest of the occurence parameters and you can tell me what you think if you want...
Maybe the reason I haven't had kernel panics is because I deleted IE;).

Ok here is a conspiracy theory for you. M$ doesn't want X to succeed so they make the browser that ships with the system cause kernel panics to give Apple bad press.

What do you think?
I'm willing to bet that more than 75% off everyone who is having kernel panics are having them due to incompatible RAM or attached devices.

Some SCSI configurations can drive OS X to a kernel panic rather quickly. OS X is much more finicky about termination than 9 was.

The RAM issue is easier to diagnose. Just remove all RAM that didn't come with your system. Boot OS X, and launch about 3 cocoa apps and Classic. Let your computer run for a couple of hours. If everything goes fine, go back and add your 3rd party memory one DIMM at a time and repeat test until you get kernel panic. I had 896 MB of RAM in my G4, but had to pare it down to 512 because 2 of the DIMMS wouldn't play nice with the other two.

Apple is aware of this, and that's why the recent firmware upgrades render some 3rd party RAM unusable. The RAM is slightly out of spec and is prone to giving OS X kernel panics.
i only had one kernel panick and it was when i was opnening too many disk imafes and other shit, i updated to the misterious 4l5 and 4l7 updatyes and my system works fine! no more kernel panics, i'm also ruunning on 400 mhz 384 ram 13 gig iMac DV graphit, the first one i think.
I have a crappy phone dialup... Gets dropped all the time in both X and OS 9. I am running a Dual g4 500 and I always get kernel panics when my phone line drops out or trying to disconnect... It's not consistant though.. I thought it was just me and my phone line...
Its not just you. Connections don't hold worth a sheeeet in OSX compared to OS9. The unoffical 10.0.1 updater didn't help. I hope it gets fixed soon.
I had a series of *really* ugly kernel panics when playing with OS X on my G3.

The situation:

I connect to the Web from my G3 via a Linksys Etherfast router (4-port model) to a BellAtlantic DSL. The router is configured to provide DHCP for my internal network. The system appears to be stable when using this config.

Here's where I got unstable, ugly panics:

The idea was (I read it in a post somewhere on this forum) that my box would use a script to look up the DSL's assigned external IP address, stick that in a text file, and then using telnet, pass that information up to an ftp server. Once I built the scripts to accomplish this, I could schedule the scripts to run automatically using cron. Then, (and here's the goal) I could surf to the Web site at any time, grab my box's IP, and then surf to my box directly--telnetting, ftping, or httping into it. Sounded great! :)

However, to make this possible, I changed some configurations on the G3 and the router.

On the G3 I set a fixed internal network IP. Then, on the router, I turned off DHCP and set-up the "pass through" IP addresses to that fixed internal network IP. (In other words, I was trying to tell the router, "If you get a telnet, http, or ftp request, pass it through to the box with the fixed address.")

I first lost my Web capability to surf on the Web. Then, I lost the ability to surf to the Router. Then I rebooted. Well, I tinkered and played and did everything I could think of (in a logical manner) to get it working and stable. (Rebooting frequently.) I.e., Do the G3 settings first, save, test. Change the router settings, save, test. Swap order of settings. Try a variety of settings. Etc. In other words, by brute force I tried all the combos of configuration order.

I never did get it to work! I eventually resorted to going to OS9.1 to change my TCP/IP settings back to the way they were (DHCP on the G3 and proper DHCP config on the router). Everything is stable again.

All I DID get throughout the process was a long succession of kernel panics. Bear in mind that I DID NOT know what a kernel panic was at the time--all I knew was that the failures looked similar to an NT core dump.

YUCK! Do we have a community-wide nickname for the kernel panic situation yet? On the NT boxes it do believe it's called the "blue-screen-of-death. . . ." or a "core dump". Not sure, so don't flame me. :)

Anyway, I haven't had a SINGLE panic with the Titanium G4 in any networking situation (modem, DSL, LAN), but I haven't tried any networking tinkering yet.

My solution (which actually solves a whole host of problems I'm going to run into with OS X) is to upgrade to a new single-processor blue and white G4 with lots of approved memory and keep tinkering. :)

But, if anyone has any ideas on settings I should set/check on the G3 and/or router, they're welcome. (It's a specific problem, but maybe I completely overlooked some piece of the equasion?)

Thanks! :)
Not one Panic on my 733 using cable modem.

My Powerbook has also never had a panic and it is connected intermittently via it's internal modem.

I'm actually kinda morbidly curious to see a kernel panic...

Now I've probably cursed myself and I'll have two melted down heaps of plastic and silicon sitting on my desk next time I try to use them....


I wonder if Fahrvergnuugen (the original poster) had other kernel panics since April ?

As for myself, I only had one kernel panics using Mac OS X, and that was in the Mac OS X 10.0.0 days. It happened while browsing the local network (out of curiosity, because it is non existent ;) ) using the "Connect to server..." menu item in the Finder. It was related to networking, but not to modems ! ;)

I had written down the kernel panic, but never got around to send it to Apple, especially since it never reoccurred and Mac OS X 10.0.1 came to my Mac shortly thereafter.

My hardware and internet connection haven't changed since then (see bellow)...
I have only had one kernel panic, and it happened when I pulled the usb cable from my external CD-RW drive.... It was not ejecting the cd and had the burner locked where the burner eject button was not working so I then thought I could just unplug the darn thing... but when I did, a black screen showed and I had a by gosh kernel panic asking me if I wanted to restart....

Well, I learned not to unplug the burner ;-)