Kernel Panic When Using Dialup


I have an imac G5 1.8 ghz 1GB RAM sytem runnign Tiger 10.4.1 (upgraded from Panther). I am experiencing kernel panic crashes under the following conditions:

When manually activating dinternet connect in menu bar for dialup connection (Apple Internal 56k Modem V92) KP will occur when either Safari or IE are launched

The situation is less frequent when the internet connect application is launched and connection is manually made prior to launching browser. The Automatic settings do not function properly, often trying to dial out immediately after startup even though no browser had been launched. I have attempted to deactivate all auto updates under MS office and Software Update feature.

When a successful connection IS made there is a significant delay for the home page to load. Sometimes it will give a "server not found " message, whereupon clicking the home button again will suddenly pop up the home page. Once connected properly the internet seems to work fine.

My wife and I recently discovered that the best way to connect so far is through System Prefs>network, and clicking the Dial Now buttonunder PPP.

We have had our phone line checked, and made three calls to our ISP to reconfigure the settings (example, from modem V92 to V90) without any success. I haven't tried deleting preference files yet, but that will likely be next, but it's hard to believe that there is not some other reason for this peculiar problem.

Thanks in advance,