Kernel Panic


My OSX install - working fine from PB has just had a major hitch.

Whilst listening to an audio CD, the system crashed - screen went grey, cursor stuck in top left. I re-booted, a kernal-panic message can up and the machine refuses to start.

My audio CD is in the (iMac DV SE - slot) drive so I can't get an OSX CD in.

I have tries Apple-S starting to see what is going on. It fails after the last USB device starts - whatever device I place last in the chain. And gives me a C to continue - R to reboot which obviously don't work..

Help anyone....

How to get the CD out? Any other single mode start codes...?
Hmm... I'm surprised nobody's posted to this yet, because what I'm going to suggest are such old tricks....

To eject the CD...

1) Right after pressing the power button, start holding down your mouse button. Hold it down until the disc ejects.

If that doesn't work, then try this...
2) When the computer is on, insert a bent paper clip end into the hole near the disc slot... it's a very small hole, but the point is, it's a little force-eject button that comes on every disc drive.

Hope this helps
I have had a long conversation with Apple support. They haven't seen a situation where a Mac won't boot from a CD before and have asked me to visit the local Apple reseller.

During the conversation he suggested I reset NVRam using the Open Firmware startup
Apple - Option - O - F and reset-NVRAM then reset-all

Which actually gave me a single boot of OSX before it failed mid-session with the previous error.

I checked the disk with First-Aid which showed that the harddisk was full of errors. However it would not allow me to 'repair' the disk.

Does anyone know a way of repairing disks outside of OSX?

PS. I can't get the Mac to boot from CD.
PS. Thanks for the physical 'get a CD out' method. The mouse button down on start didn't work