Kernel Panic


Has anyone else here had kernel panics at startup. When I attempt to startup, I get a blue screen and a spinning rainbow. I have let it run for extended periods of time and it never starts up. Apple had suggestions of running the fsck -y and that only told me that everything was OK. If anyone has any solutions OTHER than CLEAN INSTALL, pleas respond. Clean install CANNOT possibly be the only solution to this problem.
I've Had problems twice after the login where my computer hangs before starting the finder. The little menu apps pop up where the menu bar is supposed to be but the login screen is still in the foreground trying to login. Everything just hangs and I have to use a paper clip to restart. When I restart everything it start's up fine. The only other problem I have noticed is that sometimes the bootup process hangs for a few minutes while starting up sendmail. I don't really know what is happening here either. Sorry if this does not give you any help:(

I can't even get a login screen. It shows me a happy Mac., then goes to the splash screen with the blue apple and the progress bar...then a blue screen that lasts and lasts. It' killing me!
If i'm reading this man correctly for fsck, anyone out there with more experience can glady correct me if I'm wrong on this, the fsck command only checks the disks listed in /etc/fstab. In my case the only disk listed here is for swap. so basically, fsck does nothing for me. As a matter of fact, it takes a whole ~1/2 second to run so I doubt very much that it is doing anything worthwhile. I remember from Linux that this would take a few minutes to run even if there was no errors. The other thing is, you might not want to run fsck with the -y flag. That defaults the answer y to every question that fsck asks you allowing fsck to automatically fix things. Where this could be a problem is if it fixes something that is not broke and ruins the file. Data could be loss. Albeit, this is a rare occurrence;)

If you get anything else on this, let me know.